Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Shannara Chronicles: Catania's Hair Tutorial

I wanted to post this a long time ago, but sh*t happens. Catania's hairstyle is the only one changing in this show, always wearing kind of like a crown braid, but with different variations, (also given the fact I cut my hair really short it was impossible to make an identical copy to one of the style Catania wore) so I had to make my own inspired style from them, I will write down how you can make this hairstyle if you have longer hair than mine. I hope you like it! Enjoy! xx

Quería postear esto hace mucho tiempo, pero sh*t happens. El hairstyle de Catania es el único en constante cambio en el show, siempre llevando un estilo tipo corona de trenzas pero con diferentes variaiones, (dado también el hecho que decidí cortarme súper el pelo era imposible recrear un copia identica a uno de los estilo que Catania usaba) tuve que crear mi propio estilo inspirado en ellos. Dejaré escrito paso por paso como puede hacer este hairstyle si tiene pelo más largo que el mio. Espero te guste! xx


1. Part your hair from the middle.

Start with one side: 
2. Grab two strands of hair and start twisting outward and for every twist grab a small amount of hair, you should go all the way from the side of your face, behind your ear and all the way to the back and finish all your hair and secure with an elastic.

 With both sides done, you can go to ways:
1. Grab both sides and start twisting around each other, pin the down (with a bunch of bobby pins) to the base of your neck creating kind of like a rose or bun of sorts.
2. Secure with an elastic both sides at the base of the neck, from the base to the end un-twist the hair. Start twisting all the hair, eventually the hair will start to twist on his own use this and start make the "rose form or bun" and use a lot of bobby pins to secure all.

1. Divide tu pelo a la mitad.

Comienza con un solo lado:
1. Agarra dos porciones de cabello (cerca de tu frente) y empieza a enrollar esas dos porciones hacia afuera, deberás de ir por todo el lado de cara, detrás de tu oreja y hasta llegar al final de tu cabello y termina con una cola o elástico.

Con ambos lados terminados puedes ir de dos maneras:
1. Agarra ambos lados ya terminados y empieza a enrollarlos entro ellos creando una forma de rosa en la base de tu cuello, utiliza ganchos andinos para dejar todo en su lugar.
2. Utiliza una cola para asegurar ambos lados en la base del cuello, de la base al final desenrolla ambos lados. Empieza a enrollar todo tu cabello, el mismo con el movimiento empezará a enrollarse en si mismo utiliza esto y empieza a crear la misma forma de rosa, finaliza con la ayuda de ganchos andinos para dejar todo en su lugar.  

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Usually when you have a bad day, month or even a year you tent to shove it deep in your subconscious where you know it can’t pop up at any time of the day, it’s after all the easiest and fastest way to forget about something, but is it really? The best way to forget about something? I believe that it isn’t about forgetting is more about learning from it.
2016 was that year for me, I was so glad it ended, but that didn’t mean I forgot about everything that happened, I’m learning from it (or should I say trying to I can be quite stubborn), nevertheless here are a few things I’ve learned from my 2016:
La mayoría de las veces cuando tenemos un mal día, mes o hasta año, tendemos a enterrarlo en lo más oscuro de nuestro subconsciente donde sabemos que no saldrá en cualquier momento, es después de todo la mejor manera de olvidarse de algo, ¿pero lo es en serio? La mejor manera de olvidarse de algo? Yo pienso y creo que no es sobre olvidar es aprender de ello.
2016 fue ese año para mí, estaba tan feliz de que termino, pero eso no quiere decir que me olvidé de todo lo que paso, estoy aprendiendo de el (o por lo menos tratando, soy demasiado terca a veces), sin más decir aquí están algunas cosas que aprendí de mi 2016:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Haul: The Choker Edition

Chokers are one of my favorites "coming back fashion trends" of the year. I've been obsessed with them since 2002 watching my favorite celebrities walking down the carpet of award shows and all kinds of stuff with big or simple, leather or velvet, tied around their neck.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Pick: Baseball Caps

Ever since I was little I've had an obsession with baseball caps, in fact I still have and use my blue Puma Baseball Cap I got as a present about 10 years ago. Baseball caps are coming back again in style, bloggers around the world use them in many different ways, but I'm absolutely loving the chic/sporty look, that's why Baseball Caps are my first Sunday Pick after the little (not so little) hiatus I had. Please do enjoy the fashion sets I made and inspire you in some way! xx

Untitled #1834

Untitled #1833

Untitled #1832

Untitled #1831

Untitled #1830

Untitled #1826

Untitled #1824

Untitled #1823

Untitled #1818

Untitled #1817

Untitled #1804

Untitled #1792

Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Put on your boots and dance away." x King Ranch

I've always been one for taking on a challenge, something that would make me work harder in the pool, at university or even when working something for my blog, it's fun and amazing to see what I can achieve when I'm challenged. So when King Ranch asked me to show what I would wear to country concert using obviously the good ol cowgirl boots I couldn't backdown; my style is completely different from country, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. 
I don't know much about a country lifestyle apart from what is shown in The Longest Ride with Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson, and the amazing Hannah Montana Movie (and yes before you ask it's still one of my favorite movies, no shame at all) with the boots and catching music and dances (Hoedown Throwdown! Still trying to figure that one out actually) probably not the best example nor more realistic, but it's something right?
Anyway, here are some outfit sets I made with beautiful cowgirl boots from King Ranch. For the guys out their, I didn’t forget about you. A plaid shirt, jeans and a pair of these cowboy boots or shoes will do the trick. Please be sure to check out what other beautiful products they have for both men and women.
Enjoy! xx

Untitled #1814

Untitled #1815

Untitled #1816

Untitled #1817

Untitled #1818

Untitled #1819

Untitled #1820

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Pick: Red Sneakers

While everyone is obsessing over the Yeezy Sneakers or the Fendi ft. Rihanna, I'm obsessing over red sneakers. There's something about them that makes me love them almost as much as I love my white ones,  they're one of those shoes that say, "HEY! Look at me! I'm here!" making a great contrast with whatever you're wearing. As usual, I give you some fashion sets that will make you love these red shoes as much as I do. Enjoy! xx
Untitled #1794
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Untitled #1795

Untitled #1797

Untitled #1802

Untitled #1803

Untitled #1804

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hair Tutorial: Amberle "The Shannara Chronicles"

The Shannara Chronicles is one of the new TV Series of 2016 and my favorite one. 
I love everything from this shows, especially the hair, outfits and makeup for the girls! That's why I'm showing how to do Amberle Elessedil Hair Tutorial! 
This is an easy hairstyle, you can use bobby pins like I did or hair elastics to old everything together, hairspray and a curly wand or whatever you use to curl your hair. 
I've been using this hairstyle for a couple of days now, it's easy and quick to do and you can wear it to the gym to old your bangs or those baby hairs or for an everyday basis. 
If you like it share it with your friends! Enjoy! xx

The Shannara Chronicles es una de las nuevas series de este 2016 y mi favorito. Adoro todo de este show, en especial los peinados, outfits y maquillaje para las actrices! Es por eso que hoy te enseñaré como hacer el peinado de Amberle Elessedil! 
Este es un peinado fácil de hacer, puedes usar ganchos andinos como lo hice yo o elásticos para mantener todo, hairspray y una rizadora de cabello o lo que sea que uses para rizar tu cabello.
He estado usando este peinado por varios días ya , es fácil y rápido de hacer y lo puede usar ya sea para ir al gym y agarrar tu flequillo o los pelitos bebés o también para el día día. 
Si te gusta compartelo con tus amigos! xx